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Safety & info

At Hawking Electrical, safety is our number one priority for our employees and our clients. It is essential that you use a licensed trades-person for any electrical work, and we have a great team of highly trained and professional electricians on hand and ready to help with any issue you have to make your home or business safe.


Safety Switches

These guys are designed to save lives and cut the power off in the event of an electrical shock in as little as 30 milliseconds.

They have been mandatory in new homes on power circuits since the early 1990s and on light and power since 2000, but many older homes do not have them installed. If you are concerned that your home does not have a safety switch or that your switchboard may need upgrading,

Please call us today for a free safety inspection or quote on a switchboard upgrade 07 5527 2544

Conduct a switchboard safety check on your home today with the below checklist from Master Electricians.

  1. Exposed live parts visible
  2. Vermin activity visible
  3. Asbestos visible
  4. Main earth not in sound condition
  5. Rewireable fuses visible
  6. Safety switches – power outlets
  7. Safety switches – lights
  8. Safety switches – other circuits
  9. Recalled cable products visible*
  10. Switchboard does not appear structurally sound

*Recalled products may be installed but not seen by your Master Electrician

Check out for more info on the 10-point safety check.

Roof Spaces

There are very serious electrical dangers in your roof space from all of the electrical cabling running to all of the rooms in your home. If you need to get into the roof for any reason you MUST turn off the electricity at the main switch board to ensure you are safe. If any tradespeople come to your home, you will need to allow them to turn off your power for their safety.

Tingles or shocks

Tingles or shocks from metal parts or electrical equipment is not normal and is a sign that something may not be quite right.

If you receive a shock from a metal appliance e.g.: dryer, toaster, stove etc. stop using it immediately and either have it checked by an electrician if it’s hard wired (stove, air con unit) or if it is a plug in device have it checked by a professional.

If you receive a shock from a metal fitting e.g.: tap, sink, pipe etc. stop using it immediately and call Energex immediately – 13 19 62.